Pine Knights sword made from recycled pallet timber, leather bound hilt.  Approx 600-650mm long


    Hardwood Knights Sword with  laminated handle, made from recycled floorboard from  Newcastle NSW, Australia.





Hardwood Sword fashioned from an old fence paling from Newcastle, NSW, Australia.  Hilt leather bound in forest green leather.







Knights sword crafted from recycled piece of Spotted Gum.  Beautiful!


7 thoughts on “Swords

  1. Anne glover says:

    Do you do any markets in melbourne ????

    • schlosswoods says:

      Hi Anne,

      We do get to markets in Melbourne.
      Sunday 23 of March we will be at Flemington.
      This is a ‘Craft Markets Australia’ Market.
      The best way to find out where we are when, is on Facebook.

      Cheers, hope you have a great day.
      from Tim.

    • schlosswoods says:

      Sorry for the late reply Anne.
      We are in Yarra Glen on the 13th Dec, 2014 then Belgrave on the 14th.
      Tim Schloss

  2. Chris M says:

    Hi I just stumbled across your website, First off your swords are just outstanding Im from Sydney I was wondering how I could purchase one from you? If so could you send me details Thanks.

  3. Melanie Bahlo says:

    Are you in Melbourne anytime in March 2016? My son is very keen on your swords! They are beautiful

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