The Castles of May 2012

Once upon a time, in a dimly lit room (well it wasn’t too bad really but sounds more dramatic), a craftsman spent 2 days, carefully creating 45 new castles from dusty pieces of wood.  These pieces looked ready for the firewood pile but the craftsman could see their inner beauty and knew that with time and patience he could help reveal their secret.  With his imagination to guide him and a steady hand, their beauty was uncovered. In only a matter of days many of them were traded and went to peoples homes and cottages to bring delight and joy.  Others were wrapped and posted to far off kingdoms, to bring messages of love and connection.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  ~Albert Einstein


Welcome to the Schlosswoods

Here, we go! 

It’s taken a little bit of time to finally find our way onto a blog spot but here we are!  Tim Schloss and Ruth Eiseman (don’t always go by my maiden name but for artistic purposes…):

 Co-creators of numerous things (including 3 beautiful children!).  Tim creates wonderful things out of wood…Recycled timber swords, along with suitable accessories (scabbards and shields), “Castle on a Hill”, “Surprise puzzles”, Rustic Fine Furniture, and other household items.  Ruth, previously on the photographic journey, has returned to earlier passions of painting and drawing.  She also enjoys creating out of driftwood and stone, and singing with a fabulous gathering of singers know as Acapella Nova.