Welcome to the Schlosswoods

 Co-creators of numerous things (including 3 beautiful children!). Tim Schloss and Ruth Eiseman (don’t always go by my maiden name but for artistic purposes…):

 Tim creates wonderful things out of wood…Recycled timber swords, along with suitable accessories (scabbards and shields), “Castle on a Hill”, “Surprise puzzles”, Rustic Fine Furniture, and other household items.  Ruth, previously on the photographic journey, has returned to earlier passions of painting and drawing.  She also enjoys creating out of driftwood and stone, and singing with a fabulous gathering of singers know as Acapella Nova.

May you enjoy your wandering about the Schloss Woods…


8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Debbie says:

    My husband received a castle as a gift & we love it! I am traveling to the UK in June & would like to purchase one to rake as a gift. . I do not have, nor want a Facebook account; can you p,ease advise how I can purchase a castle. I live in Sydney. Debbie

    • schlosswoods says:

      Hi Debbie. You’re in luck! Tim is in Sydney for the next two weekends! This weekend (18/19th May) he’s at Blacktown for “My Lords & Ladies Fayre”, then next weekend (25/26 May) he will be at The Rock Market! I will also email you directly with further contact details.

  2. Peter JAMES says:

    Hi Tim, I just purchased one of your Suprise puzzles and would love to buy one of your Castles on the Hill – I live in Melbourne, so how would I go about obtaining one and can you give me the prices.

    • schlosswoods says:

      Hello Peter
      The prices vary on the Castle on the Hill, based on size and the type of wood. Prices usually range from $30-$500.
      There is a shop in Melbourne called Wunderkammer at 439 Lonsdale St that stocks our Castles. Alternatively, you can call Tim on 0432 599 243 to place a direct order.
      with regards,
      Ruth Eiseman

    • schlosswoods says:

      Hello Peter
      So sorry your message has been missed. Not sure if we have talked to you. If you are still interested, please call me on 0432 599 243.
      Tim Schloss

  3. Kyran says:

    Hi, I had a look at your wares at a market in Myrtleford a couple of months ago, I was just wondering if you were coming to the Myrtleford Festival. I’ve been saving up ever since and can’t wait to see what you have!! It would be great to know your coming.
    P.S. I heard you’re doing workshops, could you pleeaase tell me more, thank you so much.

    • schlosswoods says:

      Hi Kyran. I will be at Bright market this Saturday! I don’t think I’m coming to Myrtleford festival as it doubles up with another event.
      I will be doing a two day workshop in January, making a sword from scratch for $150.
      If you would like to call me, my ph number is 0432599243.

    • schlosswoods says:

      Hi Kyran. Change of plans and I’m not coming to Bright tomorrow. We’ve set up a Gallery shop for Christmas in Benalla & I’m too low on stock! Please call if you wish to order anything. Cheers, Tim

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