Castle on a Hill

The “Castle on a Hill”.  Take one seemingly ordinary piece of wood and flick it forward and discover a stunning castle.  Lots of fun as a toy, for imaginative story-telling, and beautiful as a collectors item.  Hand-crafted from a single piece of timber, we use salvaged wood of many sorts including (but not limited to) Jacaranda, Poplar, Almond, Olive, Grevillea, Bottle brush, and Eucalyptus burls, just to name a few.  They vary in size from approx 110mm high (open) to 350mm high.





6 thoughts on “Castle on a Hill

  1. Jackie Beucher says:

    Hello! This is Jackie from Kansas in the USA. I recently bought one of your castles at the street fair in Sidney. I’d like to buy another one. Can you tell me how?

  2. Jill Loorham says:

    Hello Tim (and Jackie) At the Castlemaine Market (Australia) about two months ago, my grandson was fascinated by your wonderful castles. I think I’ll purchase one for him as a wonderful birthday.surprise. It would be a lovely thing for him to keep and admire. Thank you from Jill

    • schlosswoods says:

      Hi Jill
      Thank you for the compliments re our castles. Tim will be back at Castlemaine this Sunday 1 December. Alternatively, you can purchase a castle via email ( Quite happy to email some photographs for you if you would like to see what creations we have at the moment.
      Tim & Ruth Schloss

  3. Jan says:

    Hi Tim
    I saw your work at Branxton NSW. I would like to buy a “Castle on the Hill”. How do I contact you?

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