About Us

Schlosswoods is the home of Schloss, makers of unique wooden toys, quirky collectables, and beautiful things for the home.
Most of our items are made from recycled or salvaged wood and are all handcrafted in Australia from our workshop in Benalla. They are Eco-friendly and great for the imagination. Amongst our favorites are recycled Wooden swords, the Castle on a Hill and the Surprise Puzzles.
Our goals are to inspire others, to encourage imaginative and educational play, and to make beautiful things with recycled materials. We want to make (and use) products that are made from organic, natural materials.
You can find us at various locations throughout Australia. During the year we attend a number of markets and festivals, listed and regularly updated on this blog or our Facebook page. Enjoy your browse and feel welcome to leave a comment or contact us.
Tim & Ruth


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Margaret Egan says:

    Hi Ruth and Tim,
    When you had Good Ol’ Toys website I purchased some Season Trees from you to sell in our Alzheimer’s Australia SA Sensory Centre. I am wondering if you still have them. I would be interested in purchasing 2x plus 2 x mystery puzzles. Can you advise me if this is still possible?
    Many thanks,
    Margaret Egan
    Resource Centre Coordinator
    Alzheimer’s Australia SA inc

    • schlosswoods says:

      Hi Margaret
      We certainly can supply both. We are the new owners & makers of Good Ol Toys and make the Surprise Puzzle, Castle on the Hill and Swords, shields etc. We also stock the Season Trees, and Hopping Kangaroos which are still made by Len & Lynden McCarthy.
      Tim is currently away but will be back early next week. If you would like to contact him then on 0432 599 243, we can organise your payment and package up the order.
      with regards,
      Ruth Schloss

  2. Margaret Egan says:

    Many thanks. I’ll contact Tim next week.

  3. Greta says:

    Is it possible to purchase one of your smaller castles on a hill anywhere in the USA? If not, do you sell and ship internationally? I recently saw one of your beautiful castles and would love to purchase one for my father-in-law, who is a woodworker. Thank you for any information you can give me!

    • schlosswoods says:

      Hello Greta. We do not have any retail outlets in USA but are happy to sell and ship internationally. Prices begin from $30 and are available in a range of woods. I can email some photo’s to you if you would like to see some more.
      with regards,
      Tim Schloss

  4. Mary OBrien says:

    Do you have anywhere in Scotland that I coukd buy the Castles if the Hill? My daughter managed to buy a couple recently in London

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